What’s the big deal about a Giclee?
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Giclee? What? Huh?
First and foremost, please do not confuse or compare the quality of a giclee print with the kind of “copyhouse” print you can get at the neighborhood copy center. Giclee (pronounced zhee-klay), is a type of "original" itself - of archival quality, signed, numbered, limited and found in museums around the world.

The Word "Giclee"
The word "giclee" is the French word that means a spray or a sprout of liquid. The term “giclee print” connotes a remarkable elevation in printmaking technology. Images are printed using up to 12-color archival quality inks onto various archival substrates including canvas and fine art paper. Why is “archival” important? It assures your print and substrate won’t fade or disintegrate over time.

The Quality
The quality of giclee prints is often undistinguishable from the original. They show detail, texture and "breathe" like originals. Giclees are found in museums, art and photo galleries, and they rival the less durable silver-halide and gelatin printing processes. If you are going to buy a “print”, make sure it’s a giclee. > Back to Giclees for sale


The Market
Giclee prints can be found in museums all over the world, such as the Metropolitan Museum in New York City and the Museum of Modern Art. Recent auctions of giclee prints have fetched $10,800 for Annie Leibovitz and $9,600 for Chuck Close. What about the original? The value of the original does not change due to reproductions. In fact, it often increases because the sale of reproductions is indicative of the desirability and popularity of the original.

Brenda Welsh’s Giclees
Giclee prints of Brenda Welsh’s original art are professionally created and vendor certified, are limited editions and bear her original signature. Once a giclee of a Brenda original has been produced, it is archived and a limit on reproductions is established. The artist’s signature on the numbered edition of the giclee certifies that no reproductions in excess of the limit will ever be made. In a way, each limited edition is an original of its own. The sale of each edition is recorded and archived to preserve the integrity and value of the Giclee.

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